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Professional DJ services for  LGBT weddings  

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Your wedding day
is one of the most important days of your lives - For you and for your
family and friends. The photographer needs to take all the necessary pictures and
the food needs to be delicious, the flowers beautiful and the guests on time - planning is done.
The music at your wedding is as important to you as the background music for a Hollywood production.
With this in mind . . . . . .
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After having done hundreds of weddings I understand that every event is in a way similar but also very different and personal to each of my clients. - Your ceremony vows may be a little different.

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The importance of Pre-planning.  I wish to spend as much time as you feel is necessary using a form especially created to address the details of your wedding ceremony and reception. (will send to you)  As an example how do you prefer to be addressed at the wedding. Some possible answers are “brides” “grooms” “bride and broom” “newlyweds” or simply by your first names.  After your First Dance -  you might have two Father/Daughter dances, or a Mother/Daughter or Father/Son dance, or some other variation.  It can also be important to you that family members or wedding party use the correct pronouns when mentioning you in a toast.


Previous to your wedding we spend the time to work on your itinerary.
We can go through all the important points (listed below) and if you don't
have a definite idea how your itinerary should proceed we can fill in the
gaps for you. We have experienced many different types of weddings
some very formal and some very casual and I can help to second guess
what is coming up next at the reception to prevent any mishaps. We could
sit down with you or discuss by phone important details and arrange the proper
music for the right time. And remember we want to play what you want to hear.

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The Wedding Ceremony - We have supplied music for hundreds of wedding ceremonies.
Sometimes the ceremony is in a separate location and I will work out the details with you
on where to set up. We do have a wireless microphone available and sometimes the
person officiating the ceremony needs the amplification. The typical ceremony needs
background music while the guests are arriving and being seated. This music before
the ceremony might last approximately thirty minutes. I 'll help you pick the processional
song or songs depending on the size of your bridal party and then at the proper cue the
ceremony begins. Then there is often no music until the ending recessional song and
that can be anything from the standard to something fun that you choose.


Large Music Selection -Old and new obtained through years of experience.
We have a large library of the classic songs of Swing and Rock, R&B, Old school
(please see the lists) and also every month we receive the latest Rock and Hip hop,
Dance and Pop music. Using my song list before your event you can check off those
songs you want or not or just suggest a style of music that you prefer. And I always
welcome requests

   Quite often people may not want certain songs that other people like a lot.
A good example of this might be songs such as the Chicken Dance or Macarena.

   I wouldn't play these unless I thought it would work and be appropriate for your
group. Even popular songs like "Celebration" or "New York N.Y." can be loved or dis-
liked a lot and I want to play what you want ! And you can always bring your favorites.


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Rainbow heart

I want to make this day with your best friend, your partner and your fiancÚ the most special event that it should be.  Camelot Party Music will help you realize the wedding of your dreams with personable, polished emcee skills and timely, tasteful interaction with your guests.


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 Typical Wedding Reception Events

Guests Arrival - Arrival of  BRIDAL PARTY (We can announce their entry into room or as seated at table)
First Set Quiet background music while guests are arriving and talking. Usually easy listening music and
or Jazz standards. Emphasis here is on the guests and bridal party. Possible receiving line.

The TOAST the Best Man and then guests can use wireless. Microphone (if desired)

FIRST DANCE A requested slow song for the newlyweds to dance to: D.J. will announce to guests
when this is beginning. Then the parents are asked to join the Newlyweds and then the Bridal Party
follows. This first dance segment of reception can be done any way that you wish. Here the music can become
more uptempo to get the party into high gear while the dance floor is already filled with the Bridal Party. (see list)
Father/Daughter Dance (optional) The bride dances with her father and sometimes the Groom may dance with
his mother or any other variation that might apply. (see list)

 The guests attention is directed towards the Newlyweds as they cut the cake.
Music must be very quiet or off in the event that there are toasts or important dialogue between bride and groom
as they feed each other the cake.

BOUQUET TOSS  All the single ladies or men are requested to join in to catch the bouquet. D.J. can give a count
to three in coordination with the photographer.

The Little Black Book TOSS - Some spouses have toss a little black book; it doesn’t have to have numbers
in it, it could have jokes or lottery tickets inside for example, but just be symbolic of their single life being over
and throwing their little black book away now that they have a spouse.

An Anniversary Dance - all the married couples come to the dance floor and while playing  a couple 
of slow songs, slowly removing the couples by when they were married (youngest to oldest). The 
newlyweds then present the bouquet (and garter sometimes) to the longest married couple. Some get 
the last couple standing to say how long they have been married and for a piece of advice to a long 
and happy marriage.

(Optional)  MONEY DANCE or (Honeymoon Dance) Series of slow dances while dancers pin money onto newlyweds

FAREWELL DANCE  Guests are asked to form a circle around the Newlyweds as they dance. This can be a very
emotional ending to an exciting day.


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Experience - Camelot Party Music has performed well over 600
weddings in the S.F. Bay area. I will personally be the one provid-
ing the music for you. A good DJ should be able to determine what
music is best to play by observing the group before him. I always
bring all of of the music to be able to please all types of musical
tastes. And this includes asking for and being ready to play those
special requests.

The Set up - I always try to arrive a hour or more
ahead of time before your guests arrive. The DJ
should never overshadow the newlyweds and if
there is a stage you might not always wish that
the DJ  be on it and I am fine with setting up on
the floor in order to be closer to the people for ob-
taining requests. We supply a basic form of lighting
for that special ambience - if more lighting effects
are needed we can add on to that.

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The care and feeding of your DJ - Of course I appreciate
being able to partake of the food available at your re-
ception but of course it is not required that I be
fed. I am aware of the food costs at
receptions and If I know ahead
of time I'll be prepared.

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